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Are your sky maps accurate?

Yes! All our sky maps map the stars using the Yale Bright Star Catalog and Messier Catalog from NASA! You can read more about how accurate sky maps are here!

What are your prices?

Our prices vary based on the size of your map!

Prices For Standard Range:

A4: Rs 2700 
A3: Rs 4000 
A2: Rs 5500 

Prices For Exclusive Range:

A4: Rs 2900 
A3: Rs 4200
A2: Rs 6000 

Is the frame included?

Yes the frame is included and you are given a choice of colours between black, white and gold!

How to order?

Go to our 'Design Your Sky Map' option on Navigation Bar, select the template from any range you like, insert details and add to cart!

What is your return policy?

Since each order is customised and curated fully by our customers, we have a strict policy where each design is checked by our team of designers before being sent to be printed! Due to this, we don't offer returns & exchanges based on change of mind. Instead we have set up our website to show you the exact preview of your designs as you edit it!

However, If you receive a damaged piece due to courier, you can email our Customer Service Team at hello.footprintspk@gmail.comand they'll help you out if such a situation occurs.

I've placed an order, but I think I need to edit it a little. Can I make changes?

To make some edits, you have 2 hours after placing the order to request for some changes. For that, you can email us at, write changes you want and we'll edit them for you. 

Do you provide gift wrapping?

Our products are beautifully wrapped and packed which can directly be given to your loved one. 




We offer shipping across Pakistan within 8 working days! All our orders are first checked by our team of designers, sent to be printed, framed and then delivered to your doorstep!


Need your order urgently? We offer fast shipping within 4-5 working days! Just let us know when checking out

Talk To Us!

We all want to give our loved ones the perfect gift and sometimes that gets a little confusing! Which is why our team of designers is here to help!